April 15, 2013

All About the New School Trend Charter Schools Expand Students' Horizons Many people find confusion around the issue of charter schools. They know that there is controversy that surrounds them, but they may not understand what they do, why they were developed and more. New York City is one of the main locations of charter schools in the country. Charter schools have proven their worth in the last decade or more, with students consistently scoring higher than their regular school district counterparts. The demand for the charter school market continues to grow. Recently, over 67,000 students applied to the charter schools where there were only 14,600 available seats in the 2012-2013 school year. There isn’t a centralized way to apply to all of the NYC charter schools. Each of the schools has its own enrollment process and its own application. In order to learn more about the options you might have in NYC, it’s important to do your research. Look into the various schools in NY and see what they offer. Most of the charter schools have a specific emphasis and specific goals they are looking to achieve. Narrow your search down to a few schools and then focus your attention on applying to just these few schools. Visit the schools as well to see if students are learning using folding chairs or in environments that are more conducive to learning. Are classroom sizes manageable? Do the children seem happy? It is important to know that NY charter’s law requires the charter schools to give preference...


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