July 15, 2013

A Modern Approach to Public Schools There is a misconception that charter schools are private schools, but this is incorrect. One way Charter Schools Can Take Their Students Soaring to describe charter schools is as independent public schools which are freer than regular public schools to use innovative educational methods and are also subjected to a higher standard of achievement for their students. Although the classroom furniture may be the same, the relationship between parents, teachers and students is more intense and involved. All three components of the charter school system are held accountable for their contribution to students’ success. Charter schools were created to improve the quality of education in the country’s school system. Although they are definitely independent of the local school district they still meet the following criteria of public schools: • No tuition is charged and the school is open to all who wish to attend • There is no discrimination on any basis; charter schools are entirely non-sectarian • Funds to run charter schools are derived from tax money based on enrollment, just like all other public schools • The must meet the state and federal standards for academic standards What are some of the ways charter schools are actually different than ordinary public schools? • Charter schools often have a longer school day. It is up to each charter school to decide if, in order to boost student performance, they want to have evening hours, school on weekends, or extra classroom time during the summer months. • A charter is...


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