October 10, 2013

New Charter School Application An application by the Learning Lodge Academy has been made for a new charter school to be set up for the 2014-15 academic year to target low-income students. It comes with a recommendation from staff that it be approved. Should it be accepted, the program will educate at-risk Title I students from kindergarten to third grade. These students are on a federal program which gives extra funding to schools that teaches a substantial amount of students from economically-struggling families. What this would mean in practice would be that the first year enrollment would expand to take on 252 students. A fourth grade would be added in the second year and a fifth grade in the third year. Thus by the fourth year it is estimated that the amount of students would expand to 464 students. Obviously such expansion would have an impact on resources needed. Substantial amounts of furniture will be needed, including classroom chairs, classroom tables, cafeteria chairs, cafeteria tables, computer equipment and more. Still, even with the additional financial support, should this happen, exciting times are ahead for the school. Founder and math coach at Hudson Elementary School, Kerrie Cuffe said she was “excited” and is “ready to move forward.” The school will be using the Kagan Cooperative Learning model as a way of encouraging collaboration among students. As well, Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ will become a part of the educational program.


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